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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I have to come clean here chaps, the papers have this picture, so it's best you learn it here first.........
As you can see I've had a hair transplant, and I don't know about you, but I think it's worked a treat!
it has been revealed that sam has designed a new guitar amp
it has always been a dream of his to create the perfect guitar amplifier and his enforced break has given him the time to do just that
at a press conference yesterday held at the greggs pie shop in pudsey he said 'it has always been a dream of mine to create the perfect guitar amplifier and this enforced break has given me the time to do just that'
no specific details have as yet emerged as to the nature of the invention but inside sources have sneaked a picture of the amps crowning glory which is pictured below


Blogger big sexy dave said...

woody had an idea for a song we could do
the gene pitney classic
24 hours from ulcer

7:04 am

Blogger Sam Hirst said...

Now that's funny!

10:39 am

Blogger Phileric said...

Hmmm - That new amp design - let's face it - it's a come down from what you've already got.

The volume knob on your existing amp already goes up to 13 it's just that you've disguised it with a 10.

11:01 am

Blogger Sam Hirst said...

B*stard, I've been sussed...

11:13 am

Anonymous Baz said...

Now thats funny, cause seeing as though Sams case was slightly out of the ordinary I thought you would be resurrecting 'Alternative Ulcer'.....

5:35 pm

Blogger Phileric said...

We could always do the madness classic ready?
"Sailing across the sea, to see my ulcer Sam" oooooooh

8:27 pm


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