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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Just to keep you informed of how your kind donations are being used for Meg and her family.

They finally moved house to a purpose modified home on the Cottingley estate last week. The modifications have been funded by the Health Authority and the council, but they gave only the basics, ie, medical modifications to suit Meg. Her mum, Sarah, is a single parent, and obviously now a full time carer, so part of the money has been spent on making the house liveable in, as it was a shell, with no floor covering, curtains or anything, with the decorations being in a particularly awful state. The money has provided these basics, but the main bulk has gone towards buying Meg a laptop which is modified to suit her needs regarding head switches to operate it, and educational software to help her too. It has also bought a computer desk, an LCD TV for her dvd's that stop her day becoming too boring, and a new dvd player. She watches a lot of dvd's...

Plans for the summer are to fund trips to the seaside, which will have to be done by large taxi's there and back, whch will cost a fortune. There are no other options due to the complexity of her equipment, and obviously she will need a carer too, though Sarah is better than anyone with Meg's medical care, the hospital staff included, I have no idea how she does it.

I will keep you informed, but suffice to say, thank you all again, we would have been knackered without it, and Meg, Carys and Sarah's life together is all the better for your generosity!


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