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Monday, July 10, 2006



It is with deep resentment that I feel the need to defend myself against such scurilous slurs upon my person, and implications that I am anything but a mere stripling, and wee slip of a young whippersnapper who is barely out of school


The above pictures, taken barely three months ago at Bradford Rios during one of my rare outings in my Slipknot tribute band (SLIPPED DISC) is one of the few in existence of me without the heavy make up and prosthetics required to make me fit in with these old giffers

Yes, even Phil is pushing pensionable age compared with me


The cheek I say!


And again, spring chicken I hear you cry! (I'm the one on the left, basking in the shadow of rock god Mick, who is currently finishing his A levels...)


As for paul

this is him without the makeup and bad wig

I rest my case

(of stella)


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