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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Brilliant night at THE CRIMEA in castleford


Blogger Felly said...

The Crimea, famed for a war and now for a fantastic Erics gig. Mind you, for a short while it seemed as if a new version of the war might be about to break out as two of the locals came to blows over a 'lady friend'- Landlord Jimmy dealt with it superbly..... and as for the band,well they played on. And how they played! The highlight was Sam's awesome guitar solo on Freebird- we are not worthy- and it was great to hear some other new stuff too. From the older material, Won't get fooled Again and Swords of a Thousand Men were the other stand outs for me. The band really cranked up the dB, to the obvious delight of a packed pub- I wonder how many of them keep picking the phone up- there's a ringing coming from somewhere.....
Great work guys- hope to see you all again soon!

3:53 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw these guys a three or four years ago on a mates stag do i Huddersfield and they were F*****G brilliant. My same mate moved over to Ponte last year & we went out for a few beers in Cas. I recognised the name outside the Crimea & decided me & my mate should call in. What a F*****G nite!!!! Talk about blew me head off and me B*****KS too. Marvellous. I thought they were good back then but not this good. They Rock and I mean Seriously. Have noted the gig list - will C U again lads - JMC

11:30 pm


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