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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

-SAT 11th MARCH-
our first gig at The New Roscoe of 2006
hope you can join us for a night off new songs , new gear , not much practice ond loadsa beer
phil is going into Do It All this week to have his legs trimmed and polished , so gud bud and eric number five wilkes
(he off the hobbit stature)
is standing in
(yes he is stood up)
we have below a full biog of the man himself if you don't know of this hero of the geetar world already
read on
full name -Karen David Wilkes
born - yes
sex - if he's lucky
born in the backroom of the lucky haddock fish bar , halton moor and named after his godfather Karen , david was a quiet boy who kept himslf to himself to himself
this all changed when , at the age of ten , he was picked from thousands to play the lead role in the movie version of the stage hit oliver
this led to various other roles in hit movies , he was willow , r2d2 , yoda , ET and even won an oscar for his portrayal of the little orphan girl Annie , and although he loved the life , he wanted something else
because whilst dave was the talk of tinseltown his old schoolmates Sam 'BAM BAM' Hirst and Paul 'STICKS' Richardson were making bit waves on the music scene with their number one rockin' and a poppin' combo Kajagoogoogoogoogoogoo
this was a big turning point for him and despite warnings from freinds and family he decided to pack in his growing movie career and become
after several years of motown covers and dodgy ballads with big drum bits in the middle Karen realised that it just was'nt for him
he went on to do various other things
but it was while working as a roadie for the fast food rockers that he finaly found his one true passion in life
he picked up his first geetar
and as they say the rest is history
five grammys , six brits , an ivor novello , large fries and a sweet chilli dip
he has played with them all , Claptout , Van Driver , Bendix , Moreblack , Robins Trowel , Brian Might , but keeps coming back to his old buds The Erics


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dave please use the spellchecker, you're spelling is a condemnation of the teaching staff at West Leeds Boys

5:03 pm

Blogger Sam Hirst said...

I'm in totle aggreemant their, absolutley.

7:27 pm

Blogger big sexy dave said...

wuts rung wid my spilling

10:06 pm


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