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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

-pauls new look-
we may try a few changes to the set , but the biggest thing you will notice will be pauls stage clothing , paul has found at recent gigs that he has been getting a bit overheated (its his age) and has decided to go for the chilli peppers look
plus sam had his new hearing aid fitted and is set to go
. dave has trained scooby to bring him cider
and phil has finally found a stage look that shows off some of his best qualities
we had to put a small pic of phils trunk as a large one may have overexcited some of our readers
(please do not bring peanuts to any future gigs)


Anonymous linda said...

note he had to train my cat to fetch beer cos his dog is too thick too do anything useful!!

10:30 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

any closer view of phils elephant would certainly cause a riot, but it might increase your fanbase considerably

10:33 pm


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