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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

. erics megafan and scary uncle bassist cousin pete has been helping swell the erics fanclub membership (with more than a little help from lou) by introducing Robynne Rose Braisby to its ranks
born on wed 26th july and weighing in at a healthy 6 stone, 9 pounds
( think i got that one right)
all are doing very well
whilst on the subject of all things scary
the band are currently on the lookout for a piano/keyboard player
if you fancy it, or just fancy finding out more about them, check out their site and listen to some of their music
the erics have got a few weeks off, but we hope to see you all dancing your arses off down at
fri 11th aug
for our LEEDS SEA CADETS fundraiser
more details to come
but if you can't wait that long
sam will be playing
the tut n shive yeadon with
sat 5th aug


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