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Saturday, January 30, 2010

.its a busy un for the erics boys next week as they are flying to rome to hole up in the studio for five days and promise not to come out until they've learnt at least one new song!!!!!
.you a heard right, a new song, or maybe even two , or maybe even that number that comes after two
(sorry but i'm from armley)

.so if you get on up to the carriers, morley on fri 5th feb you will be able to catch the lads doing bad things to new stuff
.you may also notice a bit of a difference in the overall look of the band as both sam and BSD have been sticking to a strict diet since the new year began in a bid to get into better shape
(is round a shape??)
.also get sun 14th feb in your diaries as we are having a big valentines bash down at the duck n drake leeds
.and just before we go, if you're at a loose end sunday afty (31st jan, 5pm ish) get on up to the sportsman pub in morley for their monthly jam sesh, a few erics will be there, some melvins, the flashing blades plus loadsa others, also you get a free tea (chilli this time i think)


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