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Monday, November 28, 2005

The Lion Festival - The Erics Rock!

This was such a great gig. The band loved it and the crowd was one of the best we have encountered. I include a review of the gig from the excellent 'Rock of the North' web site
(click on site name for link to check it out)
At the latter part of the evening, the final band at this great charity event, which was so well organised, were The Erics. The Erics are a blend of comic characters, (and we mean that most kindly) and superb musicians. Pitching their repertoire and style somewhere between classic rock and punk, with novelty pop inclusions, and with even a smattering of Green Day, they charm their way through any gig regardless of the favourite genre of the crowd. The band were very well recieved and my colleague Mark Ridsdale, a critical but fair music fan, said the Erics lifted their game and played an awesome set to the Castleford faithful.

This band are another who have a good "craique" between them. Their popularity is huge in the greater Leeds region. They are genuinely nice lads too who take their music seriously but with a very healthy injection of humour.

Well done lads.

Not sure that Sam and Phil will like being described as a 'Comic Characters' but Dave and I recognise the 'superb musicians' bit as meaning us. Great night. Paulxx


Blogger Phileric said...

Yeah - only a 'musician' could come up with a comment like that Paul - Ha!
Great review though - blimey!!!

9:57 pm

Anonymous big sexy dave said...

i always said that the things that sam brings to a band arnt his geeetar or his vocals , but his funny planet head and the ability to make people laugh!!!!!!!

9:47 am

Blogger Phileric said...

Yes well I certainly laugh at him !!! ha ha ha

12:24 pm


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