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Friday, September 30, 2005

as i said on my site its bloody hard to pick just 5 songs out of the thousands you hear over the years
but i took a leaf out of phils book (nice lad, too tall) and got it down to 20 (listed on my site) and chose my final 5 from them
so here goes
number 5
martyn joseph - please sir
i love songs that make me cry
the first time i heard this guy was at a tom robinson fan club gig in (i think) Camden. just him and an acoustic guitar. this was the second song he played and was about a little boy in the welsh valleys asking his teacher why his dad was so sad. I sat and listened gobsmacked and by the end both me and sam were in tears. he has and is still producing some of the best music i have heard and i could have chosen loads by him (dolphins-the good in me is dead-cardiff bay)
if you get a chance he is well worth seeing live. the best version of this track is on the don't talk about love live cd
some may say its a bit cheesy
its beautiful
number 4
midnight oil - one country
my fave band of all time
they actually started life way back in '73 but are best known for their '88 top 10 hit beds are burning. from the start the main focus of the band was Peter Garret , the seven foot tall bald singer who dances a bit like me. the first time their manager-to-be saw them live the roadie was soundchecking the vocal mike while standing on a beer crate and securing amps and monitors to the stage with six inch nails. a punk band when they started and even though the sound matured and mellowed to a certain extent they were still punk right up to them splitting (Garrett has been an australian labour party member of the house of representatives since 2004) I could have filled this list with five of their songs (truganini-beds are burning-forgotten years-short memory) but went for this one
a bit of a slowy , but it has all the oils trademarks , the slightly dodgy lead vocal , the battling guitars , the enviromental/social message.......and those bloody backing vocals



number 3
twisted sister
we’re not gonna take it

Every time I hear this song it just cheers me up.

one of my fave bands way back when and this has got to be their best moment ever. singer dee snider is still one of the best frontmen i have ever seen , getting everyone involved with his rather colourful onstage banter , and even though they looked daft that was all part of the don't take any shit from anyone , you are who you are attitude. christ these guys were more punk than most of the bands who stuck that label on there bondage shirts just to get a deal.

and that voice!
imagine alice cooper after gargling petrol and eating two dozen razor blades and you're about halfway there
It’s loud, it’s clichéd, it’s silly , a bit like me

and if we can’t have a good laugh every now and then what’s the point
(ooh and he had lovely hair)


number 2
The temptations
ball of confusion


and the band played on
I think the reason I love so many different types of music is the fact that I am the youngest of six. So from an early age I heard everything from queen to gilbert o’sullivan to boney m to guy mitchell. But I always loved the motown chartbusters albums (the ones with the tin foil and big fly-like spaceship covers) and the one I kept going back to was number 5 - Stevie wonder/Jackson 5/marvin gaye and this track by the temptations, it all starts with that totally awesome bassline before all the different vocals kick in and list everthing that was so great about america at the time , racism- drugs - gun control – unemployment – end the war.
Oh how things change


and now finally

the big one

numero uno

top of the pile

king of the hill

is it going to be thrashing guitars , rumbling bass , powerhouse drumming and amazing vocal acrobatics?????



just some geeky guy with a piano

number 1


ben folds
the luckiest


just the most beautiful song ever written
it’s the words he uses , the kind of things you often think to yourself but never say because they may sound stupid or clumsy. and the way the song says there is someone for everybody , and that just the knowing that is enough to keep you going. but if you’re actually lucky enough to end up with that someone then it does’nt matter about all the other shit in life , you are the luckiest just to be together



(dedicated to Linda)




send us your

top fives

to get things started that big hunka sexy peter has sent in his five faves

nine inch nails -something i can never have

4 metallica - no leaf clover

3 boy hits car - benkei

2 nine inch nails - closer

1 live - i alone


Blogger Phileric said...

It's nice to see Pete's got the same sentimental touch in his choice of songs that you have........not.

Thought yours would be similar actually but nice to see that dedication to Linda - you big softy. Got to say I can't imagine you without linda - you really suit each other. Long may it last eh? Any way she needs to keep on driving you to gigs so for Gods sake don't split up.

7:27 pm


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