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Sunday, December 04, 2005

For those who may be interested....
I became a grandparent on Saturday night. At 1842 Emily Faye Dickinson was born to my Daughter Sarah (Sam is her godfather) and her partner Mark.
If you want to see more piccies they are on just click here or go to the links bit.


Blogger Sam Hirst said...

Ace news! So that makes me a god-grandad? Give them our best matey.

11:50 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

congratulations to you all, especially to sarah who did all the hard work. lots of love from dave and linda xxx

5:27 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

grandad eh? you've got the grey hair to go with the title.
all the best!!!!

12:15 pm

Blogger Gayn said...

Thats fantastic!! Congratulations to Sarah, I can't believe it - I used to baby sit YOU!!!

11:44 pm


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