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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

yup , you heard right
after a good few months since the last time , we finally dragged our arses into the practice rooms
and we had a stormer
so prepare your ears for a bit more floyd , a punked up adam and 't' ants , the kaisers , the foos , metallica and an old queen classic
all coming to a pub near you soon
we have also got a late gig
SAT 21st JAN
at the
CRANMER BANK pub in Moortown
we have no idea what its like as it was given to us by splinter who could'nt do it , but if you fancy a bevvy , pop on down

paul and dave on the set of


due for release late 2006

it would have been earlier but sams body double was busy so we had to settle for Brad Pitts younger brother Arm


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that looks scarily real dave, dont get any ideas about me pushing you around in a wheelchair!! i do enough of that with the oap

11:00 pm


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