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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

sam hopes to be out of hospital on fri 23rd dec if all goes well
so we should have him home for crimbo
he is glad to be getting out but has been told to keep of the beer and spicy foods for a while , so as an act of great kindness and comradery dave is going to try and drink twice as much as usual (bloody hell!!!) and eat two curries at every sitting!!
if you want to send any get wells or owt just let us know in the comments below and if you are on our mailing list we will email you his address
. .
you lot.
see you all
next year luv
we had a call from part time eric Wilkses former band splinter who were going to cover for us on boxing day but had to pull out (oooer!!) due to other commitments
they wanted to let people know that they are still at the new roscoe on new years eve , £5 entry , even though someone has been contacting various music sites saying that thay are splitting up and had cancelled all their gigs
this is rather bad form and i dont think whoever was behind it is going to get many pressies from santa this year.
so why not get on down and see 'em for a good old boogie and a load of beer
I have visited Sam in hospital, he seems to be on the mend but is still awaiting some test results to see if he can come home before Christmas. Sends his thanks for all the good wishes.Hopefully he will be back in action soon.
-the erics-


Blogger Felly said...

Our best wishes to all the Erics, but particularly to Sam and Jill- hope the big guy's back on his feet soon!

Thanks for a great year lads; see ya'll soon.

Felly and Shaz

11:45 pm

Blogger Sam Hirst said...

hey up, its Sam here. Technology hey? Hope to be home today but will be knackered for a little while. Scared Jill to death on Monday, sorry Jill... Will be fine, perforated ulcer now under control. But, no beer for a month!!!!Cheers to everyone for their concern anyway, and I'll be back in a new slimline, sober, and frankly miserable form in the new year. Mmmmm beer........ :(

10:58 am

Anonymous big sexy dave said...

so are we gunna see a new sam?
and frankly miserable
well in the words of the great meat of the loaf
'two out of three aint bad'
and in the words of the even greater peters of the lee
'welcome home'

11:25 am


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