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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

we would like to thank miss Gertrude Piggenbottom for digging out this piece of erics memorabilia from the mid seventies when we were one of the highest paid clubturns in goole and surrounding areas
it brings back great memories of those wild and carefree times (and hair) when we would think nothing of playing a show , eating two packets of scampi fries washed down with three pints of shandy and having a good old romp in the back of the van
(with each other)
more tales of drunken debauchery to cum


Anonymous gayn said...

scary thing is Dave, you now look just like my brother !!

10:37 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

even scarier is that it looks like paul really fits that hair

1:10 am

Blogger big sexy dave said...

pauls hair was borrowed for the photoshoot from his brother steve

8:20 am


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