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Saturday, September 02, 2006

below you will see the lads and lasses raising funds at our last roscoe gig
looks like fun!
.all in all over 360 squids
(get it?)
was raised for the leeds sea cadets


now then

if you scan to the right on the links bit, you will see a new edition in the form of


these lads have been on the go in one form or another for the past 236 years and dave (their sexy singerer) helped us out at the recent squires gig
they also said very nice things about us in their links bit
'Our friends ‘The Erics’. We would recommend you checking them out wherever they are playing'
so we've returned the do da (cant spell compliment)and stuck 'em on our links
some more news to come when i can be arsed with this bloody computer thingy


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