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Monday, October 08, 2007

this is what local music site ROCK OF THE NORTH had to say about our very own paul

One of our Cas Vegas friends Howard Gibson sent a DVD of a few clips from Lionfest at the end of August and two which caught my eye were of the Erics. Wont Get Fooled Again and Another Brick In The Wall were the clips and Sam and the Two Sexy Daves, Big and Little, all did their normal superb contributions at the front. However it was the back of the stage that blew me away. Drummer Paul was /is phenomenal! On a minimalist kit he works like hell. Going over the DVD allows you to study things more and I do take my hat off to Paul, he's brilliant! Because of the Erics banter and so much going on in their nutty set, I had missed picking out the individual musicianship, but wow, Paul...were not worthy! Check out The Erics at the RotN Convention on November 10th!
we agree
great drummer
great mate

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