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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

sat night (13th) sees the erics return to the
WELLINGTON PUB ECCLESHILL BRADFORD for a night of the music of the ROCK in this biker friendly boozer
. its a pretty big pub and we play in a smaller room at one end, but with it being open plan you can get to hear every note without even having to see us, which i know will be better for some of the ladies who frequent our gigs as it must be uncomfortable to spend the entire night 'moist'
you can see us from the bar in the bigger room though, which is a great excuse to go to it more often and get even more pissed, which in turn makes us sound better, win - win all round!
and speaking of getting more pissed, BSD called up to LSD's house on sunday afty to pick up an adaptor for his transmiter that LSD had repaired only to find when he got there that it wasnt the BSD adaptor that LSD had fixed but one belonging to BAZ and BSD's adaptor was in SAMs boot. BAZ didnt even realise that his adaptor was being repaired by LSD who in all good faith didnt realise that it wasnt BSD's even though BSD thought that it was
in the end we decided to go to the PUB!!



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