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Friday, June 12, 2009



sam has broke his amp and LSD broke a fingernail in the underwear section of marks and sparks


tonight, fri 12th june (soz its late lads) sees our very own paul playing with splinter down at the new roscoe

sat sees BSD playing with heavy load at the railway knottingley, including support from new band uranium cranium (featuring some of the lads from no mercy for percy)

sat also sees the flatliners at the halfway house rothwell with our very own LSD and paul (yes, you heard it right as hes now joined them as well)

and to wind the weekend up in a fine style the flatliners have got a sunday teatime gig at the cross keys morley, kicking off at 5pm

and dont forget roxyrama are playing with david bowee at sheffields boardwalk next thurs 18th, check with the venue for tickets

and if you're very good and pray every night there might be an erics gig soon


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