Top Yorkshire Covers Band - REAL PUB ENTERTAINMENT!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It was a sweaty mudfest but it was great!!

The Bramley Bikers really knew how to rock and indeed roll around in the mud as they demanded that the band play into the early hours of Sunday morning It resembled a huge mud wrestling contest by midnight, and the band took no pleasure in watching leather clad biker chicks covering themselves in it. Disgusting it was. Wish I'd taken a camera.....

'You Shook Me' by AC/DC got its first outing and went down very well. Despite technical problems with Phil's amp, it was a TRIUMPHANT night for the band.

Thanks to everyone there for a great night!!But particularly the couple who spent most of the evening virtually shagging in front of the stage. Filth, absolute filth. I kept forgetting the words....


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