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Thursday, March 03, 2005

welcome to the erics
the ultimate powermesh experience
hello and welcome to our site
you will find it packed with all the usual crap and trivial bollox
but if you don't know us its not a bad place to start
we have been together for eight years now and we like to think we don't just play the usual covers band stuff
(theres no brown eyed mustangs back in town here)
we play because we enjoy it
and the best way to do that is to play the songs we like ,
we grew up with , went out and bought and songs that we listen to now
the erics live usually consists of a lot of running/jumping , piss taking
and above all laughs
so if you fancy a good old piss up , come on down

sorry ladies but all the lads are spoken for
but you are still welcome to come and dribble

below you can find out more about the band , enjoy

SAM ; guitar - vox

SAM ( a classically trained penis) has been playing in bands for almost 70 years now and is a leading figure on the morley rockabilly gospel thrash skiffle scene
he started his musical career as session man on a variety of recordings by artists including the wurzels , black lace , right said fred and judas priest
he has kept the guitar industry in business for the past three decades
he is known as sam to his friend and legions of adoring fan
but was actually christened doris
it is actualy sam playing the fluglehorn solo on 70's disco classic YMCA

PHIL ; guitar -vox
Phil ( the tall one ) started his musical career in the mid 70's as half of the cheeky chappy cockney duo Chas and Dave
he has seen chart success in many other duos including peters and lee , rene and renate , black lace ( where he first met sam ) and motley crue
he is only four foot three but achieves his lofty looks with the aid of specially crafted wooden stilts and marks and spencers maternity trousers
phils next big project is to be a collaberation with Metallica based upon the life of Neil Sedaka which will result in a stageshow ( starring Chris De Burg ) , triple cd/dvd and puppet show

PAUL ; drums - bac vox
PAUL ( the gobby one ) started the modern trend for bellly button piercing whilst working at the Gutted Gusset ( grimsby's premier lapdancing club )
he then moved to morley and set up as a drum teacher
but when that proved difficult he decided to teach people instead
paul can only count to four but can cut all his own toenails
he now splits his time between the band and his day job as top hollywood body-double for the likes of Vin Diesel and Wynona Ryder
( the bit in Commando where Arnie puts all the weapons on , thats paul )
he likes cheese

DAVE ;bass - vox
DAVE ( the sexy one ) started on the entertainment circuit at an early age playing the youngest daughter of the Von Trap clan in nazi bashing classic the sound of music
he then went on to bigger and better things playing Arnold in 70's US hit TV sitcom Different Strokes where he first met sam who was playing his adoptive father
he has a collection of over 65,000 t-shirts ( all black )
of the two speakers he uses live only one is a working speaker
the other is a fridge
he sleeps in a specially made novelty kebab bed ( no salad )



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