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Sunday, March 06, 2005


This really was a cracker.

The Erics rocked a packed house late into the night. New songs, a fresh sounding second set and Love God Crusher - what more could the audience ask for.

The whole place was shaking (so much that we couldn't keep the camera still!!) as new songs and old blasted the brilliant Cross Keys crowd for six. This was as good a gig as the band have played in a long time, and what a fantastic audience.

The massed voices in 500 miles and Swords were as loud as the lads have ever heard - thanks for a great night!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you lot the same band as a band I once saw called the Shoemakers in Wigan. They were really good but split up and I saw you on Saturday but you had a diferent line up so it might not have been you.

3:43 pm

Anonymous Paul said...

No thats not us - Sam and Paul were in a band called The 4 Millions for which Dave did the sound, Phil and Dave and Paul were in Happy Salad together for a while. Nothing in the Wigan area though. Glad you enjoyed it anyway and Sam has promised to produce a band biography sometime soon


4:28 pm


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