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Friday, July 01, 2005


Sorry we have been quiet for a while.

Daves back off his hols now so its back into action at the Churwell Football do on Saturday (02/07).

The News on Meg is good. She is doing very well at the moment and can sometimes be seen out and about in Leeds thanks to a high tech portable ventilator thingy??!! More news on fundraising soon.

We have heard a rumour that THE LION in Castleford has closed. This is not confirmed as yet, but do check before setting out to our gig there next week (Sat 09/07) as it could well be cancelled. We will post more details when we get them.

We are looking forward to getting back to rehearsing again, although holidays are a disruption, we have been working on several new songs. Hope Street - The Levellers, Substitute - The Who, there has even been a tentative look at Stay With Me by The Faces. I suggested When September Ends by Greenday but we shall have to see what emerges.

More photos etc soon and thanks as always to anyone who bothers to read this stuff!


Anonymous Phil said...

Yes at last some more news and The Erics perform yet another belter. As Live 8 continued into the evening so began The Erics first gig in a couple of weeks. Seemed like ages. The bad news is that despite a marvellously awesome set my f**king ears are hissing & screaming so loud that I can't read anything new we've put on this website. I'll need a few days to recover. Phil (The tall one)

10:18 pm

Blogger Sam Hirst said...


12:43 am

Anonymous Phil said...

Sorry - what I meant to say is my f**king ears were screaming so loud that I can't hear anything new we've put on this website - Happy now ?

3:31 pm

Blogger Sam Hirst said...

10 o'clock.

9:07 pm


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