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Thursday, May 19, 2005

leeds bike show gig photo
The most knackered we have ever felt after a gig!
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a big thanx to everyone who turned up on sat 14th may to the 4th leeds bike show
and a special cheers to full tilt
(gave us a few ideas for covers)
i know we've said it before but we really do love playing these bike do's , and they just seem to be getting better
cheers again and see you all in august
Phil is going on holiday after the CARLTON gig. So we will be joined by, good mate and part time Eric, DAVE WILKINSON (Wilks) at the NEW ROSCOE (3/06) and CROSS KEYS (11/06) see you there!!


Anonymous Jonno said...

Oi Richardson where is your biography. The rest of the lads have done theirs - wot about yours? It's like waiting for the last installment of Star Wars - you know roughly what's going to happen but yer not quite sure how the last pieces fit into place - GET ON WITH IT YOU TWAT !!!!

4:40 pm

Blogger The Erics said...

erm yes well errrrr......Its like this Jonno.......I am errr like a bit older than the errrr others like. So like I've got a lot more to write like. Sorry mate I am a bit lazy, its about 3/4 done. hope to publish within 7 days. Before the next Harry Potter installment!!


9:53 pm

Anonymous Jane said...

7 days!!!!! God you are getting old - Like the man said Richardson, GET ON WITH IT YOU T**T - (I am a lady & don't swear)


9:36 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

may have been a long time coming but it was worth the wait, brought a few tears to my eyes too. memories eh! we wouldnt want to live without 'em the lot of you should write a book!!!!

4:58 pm

Anonymous baz said...

Wilkie playing with the Erics again? Did the ginger tosser not learn his lesson last time ?!!

Stand back for a fast-fingered-speed-fest, this kids like lightening.

8:53 am

Anonymous Sam said...

Lightning he may be, but kid he ain't!

1:07 pm


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