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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


it has come to the attention of erics hq that someone has leaked the truth about our three week break to the worlds press and we have decided to issue a statement on the subject

. speaking from the penthouse suite of the Hilton hotel batley , dave eric tolds the assembled worlds press that the erics entered and WON the eurovision song contest under the guise of Finnish rock gods



after being turned down by the UK as our astonishing musical ability and dashing good looks were deemed too likely to win (and who really wants to host the bloody thing next year) we were forced to go to the musical vacuum that is Finland to get our chance to shine

and shine we did with the rock anthem that is 'hard rock hallelujah' , a song of biblical proportions that took sam a mere ten minutes to write whilst sat in the toilets of bognor central train station suffering from explosive diarrhea







Anonymous Robbie said...

Will you be performing "Hard Rock Hallelujah" when next in Castleford??
Maybe in full costume, or are you in that already?

3:39 pm

Blogger big sexy dave said...

hello mr
nice to hear from you.
we have grown tired of playing it after our three week non stop publicity fest, but may still dig it out for special occasions.
we are always in costume and always ready.

8:55 am


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