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Sunday, September 03, 2006


i hate to sound repetative

i said
i hate to sound repetative
but last night at the crimea was yet another corker of a gig


the place was packed before we started and everyone just seemed to want to enjoy themselves big time
the more the beer went down

the louder they got
with brick, video and newie 500 miles testing the locals tonsils to breaking point
from the lads
check out
for more pics


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Erics- I've made a discovery. There's another band called The Erics! Obviously hoping to cash in on all your hard work and fame. Check out I heard they were advertising themselves as the best band in the world called the erics. Fight!

8:31 am

Blogger Sam Hirst said...

The Erics? What kind of a name is that? They must be crap!

9:41 pm


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