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Sunday, January 21, 2007

pretty vacant
the erics band have always been known
in the pubs of the greater yorkshire area for pushing back the boundaries of taste and fashion
and so for the start of a new year, with a new member (ooer!) and new songs, we the band thought it would be good to drop the old image of sex god chic and go for an altogether more modern appearance
SAM decided that the first thing he would do this year was lose over half a stone on the F plan diet ( the one where you eat as much as you want and it all just falls out of your eFFin' arse)
. then BIG SEXY DAVE also decided that it was about time that he got rid of some weight and tried to lose three stone of ugly fat, but after paul told him that he needed his head to wear hats, breathe and survive he decided against decapitation and instead went for an intensive regime of healthy eating which includes salad with everything. bit of a bugger really as it goes all soggy in the pan with the bacon, egg, sausage and mushrooms
LITTLE SEXY DAVE, not to be left out decided that it was time to come to terms with his height issues and the fact that glam was dead by ditching his trademark silver platform boots
.PAUL also had an unexpected weight loss of just over half a stone during a rather intricate bedroom manoeuvre when one of his piles burst, paul by the way made a full recovery, but the curtains were ruined
so all in all you, our adoring public are in for a real treat when you next see us
and ladies, be prepared and ensure that you bring a supply of double gusset panties


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