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Monday, December 17, 2007

thats right, the fit nun from nazi bashing classic the sound of music and the guy who only cums once a year (but when he does, he fill yer stockings) santa, made a special appearence at BIG SEXY DAVES barfday bash at the Duck & Drake on sunday
cheers to all who came down and sang and danced along, we loved it
cheers also to all the musos who came down, including geezer from BLACKOUT, banger from EXPORT , jay and kev from STYCKLEBACK , woody from THE CATAPILLAR HEROES , steve from AFTER DARK , andy and ed from THE REAMS plus tommy turtle from the New Inn walton
.cheers to nige for putting us on (+ the prezzie)
and lastly
we do this for fun and don't intend to upset anyone, so when we were asked to turn the sound down so that people could be heard when ordering drinks we did so straight away
(due to the pub layout the pa is right in front of the bar)
so when, at the end of the night we thanked the bar staff for their hard work, we meant it and didn't expect to be told to 'F*CK OFF'
apologies to anyone who thought we were shite or too loud, next time try and get a sense of humour
if that fails why not just leave or 'F*CK OFF' yourselves and get a job in a library

don't forget


Anonymous Hazman said...

LOUD!Should have tried Metallica at Donnington '93 couldn't hear Krakatoa erupting above that PA system.Anyway my sympathies, had many a similar scenario when I was in the sound and light Biz!!!

1:46 pm


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