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Monday, April 11, 2005

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Age shall not weary them................

Two performances in two days should have have taken their toll on Paul and Sams creaking frames. However the adrenaline did its job and The New Inn was treated to a vintage Erics gig.

New material came together, guitars were swapped and restrung mid-set, Crusher strutted his stuff and the crowd responded with dancing and singalongs late into the night. Gigs like this are why we keep playing!!

One of the best recent performances of Wont get fooled again was greeted by a huge cheer from the local rabble - these Churwell guys really know how to rock and we thank them for it.

Next gig (if you can cope!!??)

The Carlton - Castleford Thursday 14th April


Anonymous Jenny said...

Just to let you know I thought the band were great. Actually the bit where your guitar players were tonguing each other got me a bit turned on. I was a bit tipsy though. Love Jenny

7:06 pm

Blogger Sam Hirst said...

We've actually recently married each other, so it's allowed. You should have seen what went on at the after gig party.....

From Sam and Phil Hirst ;o)>

8:27 pm


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