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Saturday, April 16, 2005

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Just over 18 months ago my drums were gathering mould in a garage.

I couldn't have predicted that I would be playing at all, let alone back with my old mates in The Erics.

I found out on Thursday that the band had been 'summoned' to play for a Satan Slaves biker event in Castleford! (we have had to decline as we have other commitments). They had evidently heard us before and been impressed. Also Sam informed me that there have been complaints, from neighbours across the road!!, about the volume of the drums after our last gig at The New Inn. As my drums are the only unamplified gear we have, these two bits of news combine to make a near 46-year old very happy indeed.

With my two twentysomthing daughters regularly bringing their mates to gigs, my three year old son naming U2 and Stereophonics songs as his favourites, all I have to do is make sure he can play drums or guitar and that he hates the Tories and racists, and I can sit back with a smirk the size of Tony Blair's and say "son, one day all of this will be yours".




Anonymous Only me !!! said...

Hope your 3 year old son doesn't inherit your piles as well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah ha ! I have secret information on you all - watch this space !!!!

10:21 pm

Blogger The Erics said...

my piles have never been a secret!! I am willing to discuss them, in detail, anywhere, anytime!!

6:48 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

paul will not only talk about his piles, if you are not careful he will show you them, so be warned!!!!!!!!

12:03 am


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