Top Yorkshire Covers Band - REAL PUB ENTERTAINMENT!!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

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Believing we could cut some place of our own with these drums and these guitars......................

Great night at The Carlton in Castleford and many thanks to all concerned.

What was good about this gig was the vibe in the band, it was reminiscent of the days when our music was all about politics, campaigning and trying to make a difference. Of course playing a set of covers in a pub in the centre of Castleford on a Thursday night is nowhere near the cutting edge anymore, but the atmosphere was there in the band. It really seemed to matter.
No one really fancied the late night, the loading/ unloading gear or the work next day but everything came together and it was a special gig.

We have taken an extra gig here on Thurs 26th May - its the only public gig we are playing in May - be there, it could be special again!!


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