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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

MAXIMUM OAP Posted by Picasa
It was great to see my great heroes The Who performing at live8.
Pete Towshend certainly makes the likes of The Erics look young, but seeing him hammering out Wont Get Fooled Again (again) just 10 mins after we had done it at the Churwell Footy do was some thing very special.
Our next couple of gigs, at The Carlton in Castleford 28th July and The Poplar in Altofts on 30th July, are at venues where if you make the effort to find the venue, you're usually rewarded with a great night! (phone 07960463212 (Dave) for directions)
p.s. we will be featuring our versions of 'When September Ends' and 'Hope Street' at these gigs.


Anonymous Phil said...

Shit 0 I'd better learn the songs then !!!

11:34 am


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