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Sunday, September 18, 2005

a BIG BIG thank you
for last night at the keys
what can we say?????
we were expecting a medium sized turnout after playing the New Inn last week and were gobsmacked by the number of you who came
nice to see the styckleback , bad penny and the jetsons lot
hope everyone enjoyed it
'cause we f**king loved it
like we have said before , if you keep turning up we'll keep playing
(you can post what you thought of the gigs on the comments bit , if we get enough we can always start a seperate page just for rewiews)


Blogger Phileric said...

Fucking awesome photo of moi. Who took that? - Guitar looks cool. Oh & thanks Dave for christening it with its first ding!

Can't expect to play gigs like that without knocking the hell out of the guitar.

8:48 pm

Blogger big sexy dave said...

soz about the first ding
just be glad it wernt the first DONG!!!!!!!!!!

8:57 pm

Blogger Phileric said...

I noticed according to the 'Who makes is the noise' poll that I either need to turn up or you lot need to turn down!!!!

I think I know which one it will be

7:39 am

Blogger Sam Hirst said...


10:53 am

Blogger Phileric said...

Yes Sam - that shhhhhhh sound is the kind of thing my ears are doing right now.

12:32 pm


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