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Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Roscoe Rocked!! Posted by Picasa
See below for Dave's assessment of this gig!!
We also played at a Bikers Rally in Bramley on Saturday night (13th july). We had a support band who were excellent and made us work very hard on what was another great night. Once again thanks to all who made us so welcome and help make it a rockin night.
Just a few extra words on the support band (whose name I forgotten (but Dave wiil update on here soon)) They were all aged 17 and played with the professional approach of much more experienced muso's. The drummer was especially good, and though She had only been playing around 10 months, She used what She had learned well and avoided the usual young drummers error of trying to make every song a variation of the same drum solo. It took me well into my 40's to learn that!! - I hope we see them again soon.


Anonymous Helen said...

Just to let you know the band were called The Quotes.
Dave the Sound Man hopes the fingers are now sound Dave!
Cheers - Helen from Resurgence

9:02 pm

Anonymous dave said...

cheers resurgencey peoples
and cheers to dave for cracking sound again the other night
hands doing well
hope to finally get to see u lot in nov at the crimea
dave the big sexy one

7:19 am


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