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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What can we say!! Posted by Picasa
The Three bank holiday weekend gigs turned out to be some of the best for The Band in a long time.
The Tut n Shive rocked on the Saturday night (plus some people answered our call for support on the night which really made us raise our game)
We played at the Lionfest on the Sunday night. This in front of an outdoor crowd in Castleford!! again we got a great reception. (Many thanks to all out mates in Cas who came good for us yet again!!) Click on the Rock of the North link in the sidebar for a review in the news section of this website!!! This was a mixed bag of an audience young greenday stage divers at the front and Satan Slaves bikers at the back. But the atmosphere was great. We seemed to break through to all of them. Thanks to all for your support for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.
Then on the Monday night we played outdoors again, closing the Black Labrador battle of the bands. We finally lost our crown (held for five years) to some younger lads who still donated the winnings back to the hospice charity we were all supporting. We came third this time, but what was really special about the gig was the fantastic mood of celebration and real audience participation during our set. It felt wonderful to be up there. Thanks you to everyone involved for a really great night.
It may seem strange to people who see us regularly, but we do have a plan!! and when it works like it did over the weekend all the sweaty rehearsals and annoying late night packs become worthwhile (see my (pauls) biog in the section on Bruce Springsteen, if you want to know what the plan is!!)
A famous footballer once said that when he looked around his dressing room and saw the players who were on his team he knew deep down that they had what it took to be successful. Thats what it felt like for me on stage with Sam Dave and Phil this weekend. Puke, spew, oh my god how cheeesy! might be........but its f**cking true.
Thanks once again to you all for your support!
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