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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


there's no point saying how fantasmagorical Saturdays gig at the roscoe was


if you were there, you know what it was like if you weren't, or even worse, if you have never been to a roscoe gig you just don't know what your missing


make sure you leave sat 22nd Dec free and get down there for our big xmas/Davis 40th bash


its gonna be the biggest, best and loads of other things beginning with b ever

we are hopefully going to record the cross keys and roscoe xmas/40th gigs for a future CD/DVD release

if Sam gets his way a limited run of 8 track and betamax will also be available


pics from the night to come when our very, very highly trained and professional photograther gets back to us

(ok, so it was snoopy with his phone)





Anonymous Lou said...

can someone put me in touch with Sam? This is Lou over in the states. I sent him cookies from here last year and I have a beer question!!
e-mail: or

Thank you!

8:08 pm


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