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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

to celebrate the fact that they will be playing thier first gig in a few weeks, and also to show how down with the kids they are
the erics have decided to get with it and have embraced a plethora of modern styles and ideas
from pauls new afro to daves new piercing, the boys are making sure that they tick all the right boxes in this new drive to prove just how relevant they still are in this modern day world of rock and 'er roll
sam has been hanging with his homos in the hop hip community and now includes breakdancing on his head in his twenty two minute geetar solo
whilst phil has gone down the route off the countries top footyballers and taken up dogging
so theres something for everyone in the all new
stain free
longer lasting
(oops sorry, its never happened before)
erics band
get up to the NEW INN on friday night (20th oct) to see for yourself
full money back guarantee


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