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Friday, January 26, 2007


after hours of discussions and arguments within the band and management we have decided to expand the whole 'erics experience'
this will include amongst other things ;

free pies to anyone who dances
(all meat, no vegans, sorry)
a gig bonus scheme, which means that if you attend three gigs in a row (and get your card stamped) you get to sleep with a member of the band
a full half time erotic dancer
(see pic of paul practicing below)

if we get more than three encores LITTLE SEXY DAVE will perform his legandary Joe Pesci doing al pacino doing danny devito doing robert deniro doing his 'are you looking at me' bit

sams halftime tips on how to keep looking young

and BIG SEXY DAVES money making ideas


see you at the CROSS KEYS MORLEY
sat 10th feb


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