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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

-we like fibbers-

Monday night saw Paul, Phil and Dave take a trip over to yorks very own fibbers bar to see erics fave Martyn Joseph play live


he may not be every erics fans cup of tea, just a guy playing acoustic guitar (very, very well) and singing thought provoking, sometimes spiritual and always captivating music, from the amazingly accurate relationship songs to the songs with a message of hope and a need to put things right in this shithole of a world that we call home


Paul, Sam and Dave first saw him supporting Tom Robinson over fifteen years ago and paul especially has followed his work ever since


this is how Phil describes Martyn Joseph

'This guy is simply amazing.

I have seen him twice now with yesterday's trip to Fibbers in York being the 2nd time. His guitar playing is truly accomplished and rings out to fill the room with music like a full band would. The dynamics he adds really lift his songs and pull you right in fixing your attention on what he does, how he plays, how he sings and what he is singing about.

The best thing about him is that you can't isolate one single thing and say it stands out over any other. When you are watching him you aren't watching a singer who can play guitar, or a guitar player who can sing. It is simply Martyn Joseph that stands out,

content and all'

'Simply awesome'


you can find out more and dowload tracks at


sorry the last pic is a bit blurred , but Felly took it after several shandies and thats what it looked like to him


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you look like that to everyone who sees you cos we all have to hit the shandy first. ha ha

7:15 pm

Blogger missyhissy said...

No one asked you to come!

5:57 pm


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