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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Brilliant Night at The New Roscoe

Many thanks to all of you who turned out for the New Roscoe gig.

The band turned in a performance which seemed to please old friends and new. Sam was debuting yet more new gear (this time a boogie amp), Dave was showing off his new bass,Phil has a new Gibson guitar but sadly I am still playing my 15 year old kit (but it f**king rocks and is as loud as any kit I have ever heard!!).

Wont get fooled again was the stand out for me along with a blistering performance of Vertigo. We still need to agree about the second set though.

There is a lively debate in the band, accompanied by loads of swearing, about how to spruce up the later end of the second set. That is the bit where we start playing the songs in quick succesion and people hopefully dance, sing and generally chuck themselves about. We have been playing some of these songs for along time, but dont want to ruin what is, in the end, our trademark rock out. Watch this space!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Lion Castleford 19/02/05

The picture shows Dave's new bass amp grille - he painted it himself and it shows the hero, nay god, that was Eric Morecambe.

The Gig itself was good. Vertigo went well as a set opener and all the new stuff stood up well. The second set probably needs to be tweaked as we still need to find slots for a couple of the old favourites, but we should be sorted for the next gig......

Its onwards to The New Roscoe on Friday, get your arses over there!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

It seems like ages since we played at The Crimea. We are itching to get back into action, getting soaked in sweat and making ourselves deaf.

Anyway the rehearsals continue, with songs by the Manics and The Gin Blossoms being attempted. U2's Vertigo is now ready to be gigged and will probably be a set opener.

Dave (bass) has some ideas for additions to our sensational lights show, these should be up and running for the gig at The New Roscoe in Leeds on Fri 25th Feb (our first gig in Leeds this year!).

In the meantime, we are appearing at The Lion in Castleford on Sat 19th February. This is always a good gig so maybe we'll see you there, (we're onstage at about 9.30pm).

Friday, February 04, 2005

Acting their age and not their shoe size is still a big problem for the lads who, frankly, are old enough to know better.

Thankfully, rehearsals have produced better news on the musical front, with U2's Vertigo joining the set list for the next gig. Watch this space for more developments, but there should be a few more in the next couple of months to relieve the boredom...

Anyway, to those new to the band I should identify the above:-

(l to r) Dave Close - bass and vocals; Sam Hirst - guitars and vocals; Paul Richardson - Drums and backing vocals; Phil Wardle guitars and vocals.

More biog and other trivia in future posts

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