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Thursday, June 08, 2006

As most of you who know us and visit this site will know, Paul and Sam were brought up on a steady diet of the who, with wont get fooled again being pauls fave song of all time
(the erics version obviously)
and its great to get out and see , whats left, of these guys when they do get around again.
but if you don't fancy forking out £40 to stand in the rain at harewood house , a few of us are going down to The New Roscoe next thurs 15th june to see tribute band Who's Who
these guys have played all over the world, and the lads at The New Roscoe reckon they are pretty good
after scanning their site I thought you might want to see this quote
'Not only does the music contain all of the right ingredients but a closer visual representation would be very hard to find. Even The Who can't manage to resurrect Keith Moon like they have! Drummer, Paul (Moonie) Kemp resembles Keith so much in his looks and playing style that Keith's mother invited him home for tea when they met at a fan club convention!'
seven quid advance (not sure about on door)


Anonymous Steve the pisshead said...

Anyone who even has the slightest liking for the 'oo cannot afford to miss this band. Moonie aside, the band don't particularly resemble The Who physically, but wow, they have them down musically perfect. The guitarist had to rein his soloing in occasionally to match Townsend but other than that they were awesome. Great banter with the audience and a fantastic mix of songs, even managing the full version of 'A Quick One' (I think! The Newcy was kicking in by then). Well worth seven quid of anyone's money!

8:47 am


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